Wednesday, January 23


Time to put on your Party Hat!

Well, at the end of 2007 I promised you more how-to's from my "Birthday Bubbles" series, and here it is!

  • Double-Sided Patterned Paper: The Goods Bubbles by American Crafts
  • Transparency Sheet: 3M
  • Accents: red button from Winnie's Walls collection from SEI
  • Fibers: 3" piece of red rick-rack ribbon from Kids Line and Scrapbook Stitches from Making Memories
  • Adhesive: Glue Dots Craft dots
  • Tools: Xyron sticker maker
  1. Cut a 5" x 10" rectangle from transparency sheet. Fold in half to form a 5" square, crease at the top.
  2. Cut one 3" x 3" square and one 2" x 3¼" rectangle from patterned paper.
    Mark center point at the top of 2" side of rectangle. Trim from bottom corners to top center point to make a triangle.
  3. Print sentiment ("Let's Celebrate!") on orange side of square.
  4. Run both pieces of patterned paper and rick-rack through Xyron sticker maker, so that the adhesive is on the patterned side of the sentiment square and on the orange side of the triangle.
  5. Attach the sentiment square to the center of the inside of the card and the triangle to the center of the front of the card on an angle so that the "hat" covers up the sentiment.
  6. Thread Scrapbook Stitches through button and knot. Attach button to the top of the "hat" with Glue Dots.
  7. Trim ribbon to fit bottom of "hat." Attach to card.

Bonus Tip #1: Use the grid from a cutting mat to help you center the square on the transparency.

Bonus Tip #2:
When printing on small pieces of cardstock, print sentiment on a larger piece of paper first. Then adhere cardstock to larger paper over the sentiment with removable tape. Reprint.

Stay on the lookout for the third installment of my "Birthday Bubbles" series - my yummy Cupcake Card!

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