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I've gotten a bunch of questions regarding my Hawaiian Shirts as well as some of my other creations in my portfolio. I will try to answer them here...
Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: Everywhere! I buy/subscribe to a lot of craft magazines like Paper Crafts Magazine, Cards, Paper Trends, Stamper's Sampler as well as Making Memories' line of books. Fellow crafters are a great source of inspiration. I love Paper Crafts' and SplitCoastStampers' galleries! And I will often browse card stores to get ideas (look at the gift wrap section as well as the card section!). However, I also look at product packaging, catalogs (Pottery Barn!), websites, advertising, billboards, clothing, store displays, even architecture. And nature! There are tons of great color schemes in nature!

Q: Are the projects in your portfolio your own design?

A: Everything in my portfolio is of my own design, unless otherwise stated. I always try to give credit if I use/modify someone else's template or pattern. I often incorporate store-bought elements, which of course, are not mine. The Hawaiian Shirt and Tuxedo cards I designed from scratch (with the exception of the mini roses on the tux).

Q: Do I have to enlarge the Hawaiian Shirt template or use it as is? How about if I am printing on 8.5" x 11" paper?

A: Print the template at 100% to get a finished size of 5" x 4-3/8". This is the perfect size to hold a business card or gift card. This is also true for letter size paper.

Q: Where do you get the paper for your Hawaiian Shirts?

A: I live in New Jersey and am fortunate enough to have a number of craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore and Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts) within driving distance. I got a lot of the paper for the shirts from Michaels and Jo-Ann's, as well as my LSS (Local Scrapbook Store).

(If you are inquiring about a specific paper, email me and I will send you the info.)

Q: Where do you get the flowers for your Hawaiian Shirts?

A: The flowers are from Prima's Sweet N Sassy Floral Embellishments line. They come in little clear plastic jars (like vitamin bottles). I got them from my LSS. I have not seen them in either my local AC Moore, Michaels or Jo-Ann's.

Bonus Tip! If you can't find any paper flowers that are small enough for the shirts, try the silk flower section of your local craft store. Just look for any plant that has tiny flat flowers and simply take them apart by carefully pulling them off of their plastic stems. With some flowers, you may have to cut off the plastic stem from the back of the flower.

Q: Can I use your Hawaiian Shirt Template in my card making class?

A: As long as you are not selling the cards themselves, and it is a general technique class (in other words, it is not a class designed entirely around my Hawaiian Shirt template), or if you are not charging for the class, go ahead! Just please give me credit for the design.

Q: Can I sell the Hawaiian Shirt cards? How about for charity?

A: Please do not sell the cards that you make from my Hawaiian Shirt template (or any of my templates or patterns that I post on my blog). That is a copyright infringement. (See here for more info on U.S. copyright laws.) You may sell the cards if it is for not-for-profit only, and all proceeds go to the charity (i.e. you do not get a commission). Again, please give me credit for the design.

If you found one of my templates or patterns in a publication, please check the Publishers' Copyright Info (usually found near the beginning of the magazine) for the appropriate permissions. I know that Paper Trends and CARDS magazines do not allow commercial use of their projects, but Paper Crafts magazine does, with some limitations.

If you have any questions regarding other usage, please contact me.

Q: Can I get a copy of your other templates?

A: Sorry, no. The only template that I am freely distributing at this time is my Hawaiian Shirt template. I have submitted most of my projects to various publications. So hopefully you will be able to obtain my instructions/templates there!

Updated to Add: I have added additional templates and patterns to my blog -- check out the "Downloads :: Patterns" section, as well as the "Tutorials" section in the box to the right. And check back often, as I will continue to add additional tutorials. Also, the template and complete instructions for my Tuxedo Card can be found in the Feb/March 2008 issue of Paper Trends magazine, as well online in their Idea Gallery.

Q: What transparency film do you use to make your cards?

I use two different types of transparency film, both by 3M. If I am going to print on the transparency, I use 3M's Transparency Film for Ink Jet Printers (CG3480). This film has a textured, rough side for printing, that also gives the transparency film a slightly opaque look.

If I am not going to print on the transparency, I use 3M's Write-On Transparency Film (AF4300). This film is crystal clear, and also of a slightly lighter weight. I will sometimes use the Ink Jet transparency film, even if I am not printing on the film, just to take advantage of its heavier weight and/or slight opaqueness. (Yes! That's an actual word!)

Bonus Tip! When printing on transparencies, I flip my text/image to print backwards on the rough side of the film, and then flip the printed transparency so that I am using the smooth side for my card.

Q: How do you obtain such a nice crease on your transparency cards?

First I score the transparency film using a ruler and a bone folder or a stylus. Then I fold the film on the score and crease with the bone folder. Hope this helps!


Q: How do you pronounce your last name?

That's a funny question! But one that I get a lot. It rhymes with "grow." Just put an "S" in front of "grow" (one syllable, not two) and you've got my name! BTW, it is 100% Italian. Not shortened or anything. My husband's father's family is from Calabria, Italy.


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