Tuesday, July 24

Hawaiian Shirts for a Great Cause!

When Janice asked for my Hawaiian Shirt template, she mentioned that she wanted it for a fund raiser for her retirement community's Senior Services Meals on Wheels program. I thought that this was such a wonderful use for the little shirts, and I decided to make some to send to her. Please join me in sending your own version of my Hawaiian Shirt to Janice for her retirement community's fund raiser. Here is some event info that she sent me at my request:
The Fundraiser is for our Senior Services Meals on Wheels program. Arbor Acres for the past 4 years has been hosting an event on campus in conjunction with Senior Services Community wide "Edible Evenings" Campaign. Our event's all have CAR in them since the symbol for Meals on Wheels is a paper car it looks like a volkswagon bug! So we've had such events as a CAR-be-Que, a CARnival and this year is the CARibbean Cruise.

All our events are FUNdraisers!!!! Stressing the word FUN! Last years Carnival was a huge success in the FUN department and thus as a FUNd
raiser we were able to present our local Senior Services office with $17,000!!

This year we hope to raise even more. This is a resident run event with staff support. The committees and sub committees have been very busy planning and getting things ready. ...
I'm coming up with decorations and signage and articles in our newsletter monthly to get everyone excited about the event as well as the craft classes.
Janice is going to use the shirts to remind residents of special events, and plans on putting them on all the tables in the dining room (that's 65 shirts!). I'm going to send her a few shirts to help her get started (see photo above). If any of you are interested in joining me, here is the necessary info...

You can find the Hawaiian Shirt template on my blog here. Janice would need the shirts by August 27th. This would give her enough time to print the info on stickers and affix to the inside of the shirts. Please keep all shirts blank inside and Hawaiian/Caribbean themed. Also, please put your first name as well as your city and state on the back of the shirt, so that Arbor Acres' residents will know where they came from!

Here's her contact info:

Janice Lutz-Vanhoy, LRT/CTRS
Director Recreation Services
Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community
1240 Arbor Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Thanks in advance to all who participate! If even a fraction of the recipients of my template sends just ONE shirt, she'll have every table covered in no time!

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LoraSara said...

Hi Angela, I just made my first Hawaiian shirt. It's on

I'm going to try and make 1/2 dozen for the FUNdraiser. I have a busy week coming up but I should be able to do it. I found several sheets of origami paper that I can use for the patterned part.