Tuesday, August 7

Introducing the NEW & Improved Hawaiian Shirt!

Same great style of the Original Hawaiian Shirt... Now with HALF the cutting and pasting!

I've kept the look of the Original, but trimmed down the design time with my secret weapon... Double Sided Cardstock!

As with the Original Hawaiian Shirt, please remember that this template is for personal or not-for-profit use only (no commercial gain) and if you use it, please give me credit as the designer. And again, feel free to email me a photo of your finished creation!

  • Template
  • 6” x 12” Double-sided Cardstock
    (small pattern on one side and solid on reverse is most effective)
  • Mini brads
  • Adhesive
    (Any adhesive should work to glue on the “lapels.” However, I do recommend a very strong paper adhesive like Scotch's Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive for step 4.)
  • Paper piercer or pushpin
  • Computer & printer
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife and/or scissors
  • Bone Folder

Step 1:
Download template.

Print template at 100% on patterned side of cardstock and cut out pieces on solid lines using a craft knife and ruler or scissors.

Note: I designed the pattern so that I could get 2 shirts from one 12” x 12” piece of cardstock. If your printer cannot accept this size paper, one pattern also fits on 8.5” x 11” paper at 100%.

Step 2:

Poke small holes at dots of right shirtfront with paper piercer or pushpin. Fold on dashed line. Unfold, add adhesive and refold to form shirt placket.

Re-poke holes through both layers and attach brads.

Adhere lapels.

Step 3:

With the patterned side facing you, score back of shirt on dashed lines using a ruler and a bone folder or stylus.

Fold on scored lines.

Step 4:

Flip the shirt over.

Apply glue to the solid side of the shirt
on outside folded areas only (sleeves & shirt sides).

Glue shirt fronts to shirt back.

I recommend using a very strong adhesive (like Scotch's Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive) for this step.

Your shirt is done!
Finished Size 5" x 4.375"

Optional: Attach mini paper flowers using mini glue dots.

Add dots of dimensional fabric paint to center of each flower.

Note: For more info about the flowers that I used to create this project, check out my FAQ page.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angela! This is wonderful!!

paperpest said...

I already mailed out six of the original for the meals on wheels fundraiser. I'll keep this one in mind for my double sided cardstock.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This is amazing! What a gorgeous idea for Dad's day. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and talent, :0) mel

Cindy deRosier said...

I'm the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your awesome Hawaiian shirt! You can see it here:


Thanks for a wonderful project idea!