Wednesday, July 2

BREAKING NEWS: Nationwide Paint Chip Shortage!

AKA "Paint Chip Cake Card Hits the Newsstands!"

I just got my August/September 2008 issue of Paper Crafts magazine, and there it is! Right on page 83 in the "Mediums of Color" column ... my Paint Chip Wedding Cake Card!

To celebrate its grand appearance, here is a similar card that I designed also using a paint chip, but with a very different color scheme.

For this version, I decided to go with bright, contrasting colors. I picked a sherbet orange cardstock for my base and a purple paint chip for my cake. After trimming the paint chip, I again opted to decorate my cake with paper flowers. However, instead of using mini adhesive pearls for the center of the flowers, I chose orange fabric paint. I also used the fabric paint to accent my cake with little swirls. Finally, I adorned the top of the cake with a ribbon bow and flower accent.

Finished Size 4.25" x 5.5"
For more pics of this Paint Chip Cake card, check out my online portfolio.


Elaine said...

Very nice. Love the colors!

Linda said...

This is so neat, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy receiving each of your blog posts.

Rebecca said...

Incredible cards! So glad I saw it in the magazine :-) and tried one for myself!

Janet M said...

Hey Angela, I love this idea! I was in the paint section the other day & remembered your card idea. I grabbed some different colors & quick made one for my DH's cousin's wedding. I couldn't remember exactly what yours looked like but here is a link to my version. Thanks for the idea!