Wednesday, April 2

"PEAS IN A POD" (Part 4)

Games, Games and More Games!

Here are the game cards that I designed for my best friend Julie's baby shower. I planned a few activities for the event. The first one was a jelly bean count. I filled two inexpensive baby bottles with jelly beans and allowed my guests to fill out their entries throughout the shower. I then gave away the bottles of jelly beans as the prizes. For the cards themselves, I again used the same graphic that I used for my shower invitations, however I decided to make it more three-dimensional with some shading that I added in Photoshop.

I got the idea for my second game from Scrapbook Trends Magazine's Babies publication. In this game, I instructed my guests to rank 10 activities based on how they thought the mom-to-be would rank them. I then gave a prize to the person with the most matches. For consistency, I used the same graphics and fonts on all three of my games cards.

My final activity was Baby Gift Bingo. Each guest received a game card and a pen. Then, as Julie opened each gift, the guests crossed off squares if the gift matched. In order to win, a guest would have to mark off five squares across, down or diagonal. (Tip: If you plan on hosting a similar game at your shower, have plenty of small prizes as I had many winners with this activity!)

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