Thursday, March 27

"PEAS IN A POD" (Part 3)

Young Girl's Invitation and Charm Holder

Here is the invitation that I sent out to the younger guests of my best friend Julie's baby shower. I used the same design that I had created for my "Charmed Birthday" invitations, as seen in the December/January 2008 issue of Paper Trends magazine. I just modified the colors, fonts and choice of patterned paper to coordinate with the adult invitations for the shower. Each of the invites includes one child-sized charm bracelet with a "It's a Girl" heart charm and a bejeweled initial charm, matching the first letter of the girl's first name.

Instead of creating individual charm holders to use as prizes (as I did with my "Charmed Birthday" set), I decided to give each of the girls all of their charms at once, so that they could create their bracelet as a craft activity. To that end, I decided to design one large charm holder for each set of charms. I based the size of the my holder on the card that came with the original packaging. I designed the holder to coordinate with my invitation, and used the packaged card as my template to punch small holes for the charms. Then I simply reused the wires that held the charms to their original packaging to attach them to my holder. I also repurposed the acetate envelope to protect my charms.

Invitation Finished Size 4" x 4.25".
Charm Holder Finished Size 2.75" x 4.25".

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