Thursday, August 16

And now, a word from My Readers...

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've been (GASP!) too busy to craft. But although I have nothing new to show you at this time, You, my readers, have been plenty busy! Here are some of the beautiful creations your fellow scrappers have created using either my Original Hawaiian Shirt template or my Hawaiian Shirt 2.0 template for double-sided cardstock.

Thanks for sharing, ladies!
(Remember, you can click on any photo to get a larger image.)

I love this design from Elaine in Colorado.

Elaine modified the Original template to create this cool baseball shirt.

And she didn't forget about the details on the back of the shirt either! Check out the personalization on the curved text!

Valita in Australia created these adorable cards, also using the Original shirt template.

This is Valita's "Pink PJs" creation. I love the slippers -- too cute! And great detail with the pocket and the faux stitching.

Valita named this one "Paint Shirt" for obvious reasons. She said she was inspired by the paper, which looked like splattered paint. I love the tiny paint roller!

This is New Yorker LoraSara's design. So sunny and bright!
Doesn't the pattern give it a kind of retro feel?

Paulette from Florida
created both of these summery designs, I believe from my Hawaiian Shirt 2.0 template.

Great swirl pattern on this shirt, and you gotta love all those tiny flowers!

This one is so cute and creative! So juicy and delicious! I love the tiny, little watermelon lei.

Thanks again to all of you creative ladies for sharing your designs! Keep them coming! I would love to see ALL of them!

p.s. If you would like to send me a photo of your version of my Hawaiian Shirt and see it posted in my blog, check out my contact info here.

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