Wednesday, August 1

OMG! Another Project Is Going to be Published!

Yippee! I can't believe it! I just got notified that another of my creations is going to be published in Paper Crafts magazine! (Insert picture of me doing a little jig! I take that back... erase that image!)

This one, titled "Snowman Poop" (hee hee - yes, that's what I'm calling it!) is a winter project that I had submitted in May. Turns out that Cath from Paper Crafts had sent me an email back in June requesting my project for their December 2007/January 2008 issue. And I never got the email! Bad Email Application! Bad!!!

Luckily she sent me another email today, which I did read and responded to IMMEDIATELY! So now I will be recreating my Snowman Poop Holder in order to write accurate instructions for this project -- it's been months since I originally designed it. But that is a teeny, tiny, little inconvenience compared to the HUGE honor of being selected again by PC. (Although, technically... this will be my first published project in Paper Crafts, as this issue goes on sale in November, while the Card Creations issue goes on sale around Christmas... And PC did send the request for this project before their request for my Birthday Bubbles card... Darn confusing Space/Time continuum!)

If permitted, I will post a sneak peek of my project here in my blog in November -- before the issue goes on sale.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and kind words!

p.s. Sorry for the Sci-Fi reference... Guess my geek husband is rubbing off on me.

Ok, I admit it... I am a weird geek/artist-type hybrid.

And now I'm rambling. It's late. "Say 'Goodnight' Angela."
("Goodnight Angela!")

This is what happens when they let ANYONE blog...


Peggy Maier said...

Congratlations YET again! I know you must be "walking in the clouds."

Cindy H. said...

Congratulations once again! You are on a roll for sure :)