Thursday, August 30

Winners of my Hawaiian Shirt Blog Candy

Thank you to everyone who sent a shirt(s) to Janice for her Senior Services Meals on Wheels Fund Raiser. I would have loved to send each and every one of you something special as a thank you, but I could only choose three...

And here they are! The three winners of my Hawaiian Shirt Blog Candy! Congratulations to Lora from Brooklyn, New York, Paulette from Pompano Beach, Florida and Arlene from Chicago, Illinois! Thank you ladies!

In appreciation for all you've done, each of you will receive a package consisting of the following:
  • One of my very own Hawaiian Shirts
  • A "Thank You" themed set of Clear Stamps
  • Two Clear Stamp Blocks
  • A spool of Ribbon
    in tropical colors
  • A pack of 100 Mini Brads
    (to use on additional Shirts, perhaps?)
My thanks to Lora, Paulette, and Arlene and to everyone who participated in this worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
This is Arlene in Chicago...I can't believe you chose my contributions! I am so excited, and happy you like my designs. It was fun being able to contribute to the festivities and fundraiser at Arbor Acres. I hope the Seniors enjoy all the cards and will continue to be pleased when they receive their "special greetings". Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enrich their very special lives.

LoraSara said...

Thank you so much for my gift. I'm also a senior citizen and am happy when I can help others.

Lora from The Bronx