Friday, December 7

EXTRA! EXTRA! Subscriptions Now Available!

Good News! After multiple requests (and a couple hours of research), I have added an e-mail subscription link to my blog. You can now get my posts sent right to your mailbox. That's right! All my brandy-new rantings and ravings, my stream-of-consciousness jabbering, and (oh yeah!) my paper craft projects delivered to right your computer's doorstep, all fresh and hot from the oven!

Still interested? Just enter your email address in the form on the right. You may regret this...

p.s. Prefer to get the latest scoop delivered to your Reader? Subscribe to my feed by following the Atom link on the very bottom of the page...

Editor's Note:
If you find you are not getting my email subscriptions sent to your inbox, please check your spam folder.

1 comment:

Peggy Maier said...

Love your blog - I've been subscribed for quite a while via your RSS feed - I get all the newest info every day!