Wednesday, September 12

Floral Hello Card

This is another card that I designed for Paper Craft Magazine's online Gallery Idol contest in April. I had fun with the color scheme and I like the bright, cheery feel that I get from this card. I hope you like it too!

Another relatively quick and easy creation, the base of this card is a 5"x7" piece of patterned cardstock folded to reveal an inch of the coordinating inside pattern along the bottom. I adhered letter stickers to white cardstock which I then trimmed, leaving an 1/16" border around the letters. I "stitched" buttons to paper flowers with florist wire reinforced with adhesive dots. I then adhered all the elements to the card with additional adhesive dots. Finally I added rub-on swirls for an elegant, but playful touch.

Bonus Tips! I used small embroidery scissors for the fine, detail cutting. Also, When cutting out shapes with scissors, move the paper, NOT the scissors. In other words, your scissor hand should only be opening & closing the scissors in long, smooth strokes. Your other hand twists and turns the paper, guiding it into the scissors. This results in smoother, neater cuts.

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