Monday, September 10

New Math for New Parents

Just in time for school, here is a quick lesson in New Math for Prospective Parents...

I made this card a few years ago for my best friend's baby shower. It was a very quick card to assemble. The most challenging aspect was finding the perfect clipart of a chalkboard. Luckily I was able to find one that was a vector image. The great thing about vector images, is that you can scale them up or down without losing image quality. So I was able to scale the chalkboard image to the perfect size for my 6"x6" card.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a vector image is an illustration composed of lines and curves to form an image, like a WMF or EPS file. This is opposed to a raster image which is made up of pixels, like a JPG file. All photographs are raster images.

Then it was simply a matter of adding the text in Illustrator using an appropriate font (I chose Marker Felt) and printing it out on white cardstock. I then attached the chalkboards to my card base along with some adorable animal stickers and Voilà! My card is complete!

I wonder if my Sister the Math Teacher will object to my skills at addition???

Click to enlarge.

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